Friday, 13 July 2012

SNSD’s Kakao Talk followers exceed 1 million

As of July 7th, Girls' Generation have become the first celebrities to obtain 1 million "Plus Friends" on "Kakao Talk".

Kakao Talk is a smartphone-messaging application that is available for many countries around the globe, and very widely used in Korea. In addition, it can be used to receive updates from your favorite Korean celebrities, new sources, and TV Shows, through the Kakao Talk's Plus Friends feature.

Girls' Generation's Plus Friends channel presents colorful and appealing content, as it posts news and videos of their public performances, pictures, as well as video messages personally left by the members themselves. The Plus Friends feature allows fans to learn more about the girl group, thus leading to the channel's great popularity among Kakao users.

Cr: Herald Business via Pakman@Allkpop